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Why colour analysis is trending

A decade or so ago, a lot of women were talking about having their ‘colours done’. In other words, they were meeting with colour ‘experts’ who could determine the best colours to wear to suit their complexion or hair colour. Recently, this colour analysis concept has become even more popular, complementing the booming health and beauty markets. As we’re promised products that can ‘reduce wrinkles’ and give a ‘perfect glow’, it’s now evidenced that the colours we choose to wear can enhance our appearance further.

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Energised and vibrant

Black has long been a favourite colour to wear, thanks to its ability to ‘slim down’ a person’s figure, and we’re sure that it will long continue to be a wardrobe favourite. But now we are being encouraged to embrace colourful clothing to make us look and feel healthy, energised and vibrant.


With colour analysis drawing on the influences of the year-round seasons, the colours considered to be right for you are determined by the colour of your skin, as well as the depth, tone and hue. For example, spring and autumn skin tones suit warm colours, whereas cooler colours are best if you are deemed to have winter and summer skin tones.

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Spring is represented by yellow and bright tones, summer’s tone is blue with soft, blended notes, autumn is also yellow toned alongside rich, warm colours, and a winter skin type is complemented with blue, icy and jewel-like shades. Dependent on which skin tone and type you are, that should dictate the colour of your clothing and accessories all year round.


You can try to determine your colours yourself by standing in front of a mirror whilst holding up various coloured garments to your face. Instantly, you will see which ones make your face full of light, rather than draining it and making you look washed out.


This colour analysis is not only trending for women, but men are getting on board too. Looking ar Farah Shirts, for example, men can find a wide selection of colours to complement their skin tone at This can also go a long way to increasing personal confidence.

So next time you’re getting dressed, take the time to really look at the colours you choose to see which ones suit you best – you never know, it could be life changing!

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