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OGIO Endurance 2X Gym Bag

You may love how this simple to grab-and-go gymnasium and studio bag holds the whole lot you want for the gym or after. In our damaging testing, Roy Glenn took one have a look at this bag, threw up his arms, and mentioned, No fing manner.” Every nook of this bag is built to final, from the zipper points to the seams, and will stand up to years of abuse. I can operated them one handed without having to hold the bag on account of zipper friction.

Simply bought this bag just lately so can remark much on sturdiness however it’s appears to be excellent quality. I am going to look into this bag a hundred times before realizing it has slipped under right here,” mentioned Larry Pollock, holding out an insertable backside panel from a bag.

This bag is able to comfortably hold all of my training gear including: two different weightlifting belts, multiple rolls of athletic tape, my Nike Romaleos 2s, two pairs of knee sleeves, block of chalk, RX bounce rope w/2 completely different cables, 4 different pairs of wrist wraps, gymnastic grips, lacrosse ball, the stick, and a bunch of different random bits; all while being large enough to accommodate a change of clean clothes & food on competition days.

I like to recommend the King Kong Bag to anyone who is trying to make a protracted-term investment within the workout gear they use and stop losing their money on cheaper products that won’t last you. Whereas he took the shoe pocket out simply enough, the bolstered seams stopped him from breaking down the bag utterly, though he was in a position to bust the zippers from their tracks.

It is honestly an ideal bag for this regime and I would suspect perfect for the health club as effectively. It is suits every I put on in it. I reside in Utah and it’s winter proper now so I put on my massive leather jacket and it surprisely matches within the bag along with my pants and shirt and two pairs of shoes in the shoe compartments.