1950s fashion

Celebrating Type — Fifties Trend In Melbourne

Conservative and black-and-white because the Fifties are generally perceived, they were a decade of unmatched class within the trend world. Nicknamed the ‘New Look’, this modern style turned the fashion world on its head. Mature menswear within the Fifties mostly featured plain fabrics in dark, muted shades like blue, brown and grey. Ladies would possibly wear sweater sets or blouses and skirts, but for most social occasions, they wore clothes.

Whereas Christian Dior dominated the American style trade by means of its popular A and Y traces, slim skirts and tunic model fits, Givenchy was fashionable for his Parisian touch and Chanel created waves by its richly textured and trimmed materials.

Ladies wore fits as daywear or work put on for a number of a long time, and the 1950s was no exception. These ladies were seen in all the top type magazines – showcasing the two distinct skirt and gown strains which outline the 1950s from the plentiful Dior inspired umbrella look to the new pencil skirt.

Women’s skirts and attire had to be a certain length, which resulted in a slim, straight line silhouette. The Forties and Nineteen Fifties was both seen as a giant step backward, but forward at the identical time for girls. You did not have to spend time on the gym to get your waist slim sufficient to put on a 1950s gown because you had foundation clothes to care for any little bulges.

In nearly the entire division store catalogs used to compile this part on vogue of the 1950’s advertising and marketing was geared in direction of girls. Designers also made extra effort to accommodate numerous sizes and shapes of ladies. Nicely-dressed girls wore elbow length gloves with formal or night wear, which included quick sleeved dresses or strapless robes.