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Become More Beautiful with Marijuana or Cannabis

“For me, hemp oil is quite helpful in dealing with acne problems. The price is not expensive and the product is not difficult to find. The storage is also easy, just have to put it in the refrigerator, “said Arinda.

In Canada, hemp oil products can be found on the Canadian pharmacy online, a licensed marijuana producer in Canada.

To this day sales of hemp oil remain smooth. Arinda claims that the oil is useful for treating acne and moisturizing the skin. “I myself use hemp oil. I make my own facial oil for my daily use. I mixed hemp oil with other types of oil that function to rejuvenate the skin, disguise blemishes and wrinkles. Hemp serves to moisturize my dry skin. The mixture in hemp oil also functions to neutralize the aroma of hemp oil which is thick with the aroma of herbs, “continued Arinda.

Indeed, hemp is one of the varieties of cannabis plant called Cannabis Sativa. In plain terms the shape is similar, but there are differences in size. In terms of content, the two plants have similar chemicals, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The difference is, hemp has a number of minerals and proteins that are good for the body. Therefore, hemp is classified as legal and normal material for use in Canadian pharmacy.

Nutrient content makes hemp seeds also used in various food products. He had a role as a superfood. His colleagues in this field are chia seeds, flax seeds, and canary seeds. The omega 3 content that can counteract inflammation in the body is a benefit sought by potential consumers of hemp seed. Over time, the beauty industry strives to explore other potential hemp plants. This discourse began to be talked about lately.

The results of the study stated that the content of endocannabinoid which consists of THC is in the human body to complement the function of the skin cell system, especially when there is infection or irritation. These findings make researchers feel that the content in marijuana can also function to reduce the signs of aging and fight acne. He felt that his findings should be examined further.

Although research has not been done much, products with the content of this cannabis plant continue to run. Recently the New York Times reviewed the trend of CBD Oil. CBD is a substance other than THC found in marijuana. These substances begin to be used in skin care products. Part of its function is to reduce pain and reduce anxiety. Canadian drugs that use marijuana or cannabis have also grown in Canada.

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