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5 Tips for Getting Collateral Free Business Loans for Your Boutique Business

Starting up a boutique business requires a whole lot of financing. There’s only so much you can do without adequate finance when starting up.

Opinions from is that this is especially the case when it’s a physical store and not online. Here, you have to think of furnishing your shop, bringing up to the desired taste then you also have to think of the clothing you’d sell. Their quality, how trendy they are, and so on. All of these things require money to run properly.

Many startup boutique business runners often rely on loans for capital. But loans can also be a risky venture especially when there’s collateral involved. Even some of the best credit companies reviewed ask for collateral before giving you a certain loan. But, there are ways to boycott collaterals and get your loan running.

Here are some of them.

1.      SBA Loan:

SBA loan is one of the reliable ways to get funding for your boutique business without any collateral involved. It’s a loan scheme particularly directed towards small business owners which are guaranteed by the government. With an SBA loan, you can bypass some of the financial risks involved when you loan from financial institutions. All you have to do is fill certain forms and make sure you attain its eligibility criteria. It also requires a lot of processing time which involves waiting. As a person looking to start up a business with collateral, you should consider this.

2.      Online Term Loans:

The online term loan is often of two types—long term and short term. In the long term, there is a stipulated amount of advanced payment that the borrower has to repay monthly for an extended period. They do not take a lot of time, unlike the SBA. For the short term loan, a repayment plan is often a bit expensive as you are required to make either weekly or daily payments over a short time frame. The good side is that it doesn’t require collateral.

3.      Private Money Lenders:

This is another viable option when looking for a loan without collateral. Many private companies and individual money lenders operate as loan givers. Many of these lenders only require only some paperwork and you get to have the loan. Equally, note that their interest rates are usually higher as they are small firms operating from a place of potential high financial risk.

4.      Business Credit Card:

If you have a business credit card, you can easily use it to get a loan for your startup. This is a familiar loan option and a supplement for traditional loan practice.

5.      Having a Franchise:

Another way to get a loan without collateral is by opening a franchise. Many banks like financing franchises that have great brand value. So, if you think your boutique brand is up to the task, this option is viable and collateral-free.

As a person looking to start a boutique business without a means of financing or even collateral, these tips will be of great assistance.

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