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Travelling, construction and other job assignments are of late being done by everyone irrespective of gender. In the past, women were limited to home duties and taking care of the children. However, the modern women are increasingly getting involved in all job types. Job discrimination against women is reducing by the day because unlike in the past, the education exposure and expertise training are being done by all genders. Therefore, there is no excuse as to why job should be limited to a particular gender. Many women are making a choice of staying alone without men as a choice, another reason is separation, divorce or death of men. This has led to an increase in family units that are headed by women who are by extension becoming the principal breadwinners. To improve the living standards of the family, women are increasingly seeking employment in order to complement the income of their husbands thus beating the economic hardships occasioned by falling global economies.

Women lifestyle is greatly changing from handling house chores to engaging in income generation activities. In the same way, there are increasing changes from the use of tampons and pads to use of menstrual cups which have many advantages. One of the known advantages of using the menstrual cups is that they are reusable, unlike pads and tampons that are only used once and get disposed. Considering they need to be replenished on an hourly and daily basis during the menstrual period, they are very expensive in the long run. However with menstrual cups, all you need is to clean and sterilize and reuse aging. The second advantage is that menstrual cups come in different brands like Soft Sup, Femmycycle and Moon Cup, therefore, ladies have a wide choice that is presented in different colors, lengths, and sizes that promises to match their body anatomy and are comfortable and easy to use. If anyone is new from the products, they can visit their website and look for simple instructions like click here to get started and they are good to go. Menstrual cups are safe healthy and convenient to use. They have no known health risk associated with their use. With menstrual cups a lady can track the amount of menses because it comes with measuring marks. These can guide in case of changes in the body. More so for medical reasons it’s easier to pick the difference in case of any changes. Additionally, cleaning of the cups is easy since you can use boiling water for few minutes or use mild soaps for cleaning. Finally, use of menstrual cups is eco-friendly since you only need to clean the liquid discharged and use again with no solid waste to deal with like for pads and tampons. Hence it’s useful for menstrual hygiene management.

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