Building a Strong Brand with Email Marketing

What is email marketing? Maybe some of you already know this term, and some may not know it. Now the promotional model has begun towards internet marketing where people prefer to do activities to promote or introduce their business on an online basis.

This method can be very efficient because consumers can easily access it for 24 hours. Well, email marketing is a part of internet marketing activities by utilizing email lists, promotional marketing will be easily accepted by consumers. Apart from the right target, this promotion can also be done continuously.


Behind all the success stories, every marketing channel turns out to have its own challenges, not least with email marketing. If there are no challenges, maybe everyone who is involved in the world of business, marketing and internet marketing has used email marketing for a long time ago.

Many business people and internet marketers have started using e-mail marketing as one of their marketing channels. More and more days, new users and many of them extend their subscription period.

Return to the email marketing challenge. In the following article, we try to explore what is actually the biggest challenge in running this email marketing. Not only the challenges but also the solutions that you can do to overcome these challenges. You can see more information about email marketing in the Emma.

CHALLENGE 1: Store everything in one place

THE SOLUTION: One central admin

Being able to manage email marketing for all your different departments or locations in a central account is an absolute must for all types of businesses that are distributed. For one thing, that means that each department, location, or team contact info can live in one system. Secondly, it allows you to create sub-accounts – each with its own set of user permissions – and gives as much freedom as possible to users, without losing your central authority. More control and more efficiency mean better results across the board.

CHALLENGE 2: Stay true to your brand

THE SOLUTION: Division of assets

Other great needs in the world of distributed marketing? Maintain your brand identity and create a smooth customer experience. So be sure to find ESP that allows you to share creative assets – such as logos, images, and templates – with one, 50 or all of your sub-accounts to ensure a consistent experience across the board. Bonus points if ESP allows you to lock certain parts of the design to give you total control over what end users can and cannot edit, making it easy for them to stay true to your brand.

CHALLENGE 3: Empower your users

THE SOLUTION: Intuitive, user-friendly platform

Having control is good, but that doesn’t mean you have to (or even have the bandwidth too) manage every element of each email for each location, department, or team. Empower all your end users – even those with no technical background – with a range of features that make it easy for them to create and send email campaigns that look great and get amazing results.

CHALLENGE 4: Know what is happening across the board

THE SOLUTION: Analysis of each location

This doesn’t have to be a necessity, but this is definitely a “good thing to have”. The home dashboard allows you to see what’s happening in all sub-accounts and easily track individual shipments. A glimpse of most of the latest activities and results allows you to quickly identify which team is using them and reveal who can use a little help.

CHALLENGE 5: When you can’t do everything

THE SOLUTION: Strategic service

Even the smartest marketers sometimes need extra help or strategic advice. Finding ESP that goes beyond basic customer support and offers strategic, design, or technical services can help you and your distributed team achieve your goals faster.