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How To Strip and Wax Your Floor

Wiping, vacuuming, stripping and waxing are some of the efficient cleaning procedures that are used by a trained individual or company. All people want their floors to look clean and spotless. The floor is prone to deep scratches and abrasions, and that is why it is not easy to keep it in good condition always. When a polished floor for business premise has experienced the build-up of wax, then a stain is inevitable. The first way to maintain the color of a floor is to practice stripping and waxing. Floors are not the same and care for each is thus different. Stripping and waxing may seem like a hard job but when the necessary guidelines are followed then it becomes easy.

When you are done with stripping and waxing of your floors, then it will appear nice, and from there it will be easy to maintain. Before you start the process, make sure that everything is in place for the task. The first thing you need to do is to remove all the obstacles from the floor that you will be cleaning. You would not want to waste time moving chairs when cleaning and that is why you need to remove them. Make use of a dust-mop to get rid of dust from the floor. For vinyl floors all that is needed for cleaning is warm water because use of detergents will leave something sticky behind. This scum that is left behind is what makes the floor dirty because it attracts dust. A dry cloth is suitable to be used for wiping the floor afterward.

You can apply the stripper with a rug that you may have. Ask an employee of the hardware store to suggest to you the best stripper to be used for your floor. Do not make a mistake of buying less material to be used for stripping. When you have placed the stripping solution on the vinyl floor, it is appropriate to use a machine to scrub. The stripping machine makes it easier to clean the floor due to the rotating nature of the circular disk. The water left on the floor should then be removed after you are done with the scrubbing.

While vacuuming, make sure that all the stains are removed. If you realize that there are some strong stains, then it will be appropriate to search for stronger stripping solution. Put a commercial quality wax mixture to the floor so that you shine the vinyl floor. If it is a big area to clean, then search for expert cleaning services.

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