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5 Proven Ways to Remove Food Stains from Your Clothes

Food stains are inevitable. Whether you dip your sleeve in sauce or spill coffee on your clothes on the way to work, you have to make do with stains and try to remove them. But most times the issue is how to remove them.

If you keep scrubbing and sopping up the mess, you would ruin your clothes. Yet, there are proven ways to remove food stains. We have done the nitty-gritty job for you. Checking on the opinions of foodies on websites such as, the following 5 ways are how they tackle food stains on their clothes.

1.      Immediate action:

One of the proven ways is to tackle the stains immediately rather than leave them to dry on your clothes. Immediate action prevents the stains from setting into the fibres comfortably. It is true that the fresher the stains, the easier they would be to remove. However, texture and clothing materials play a huge role in this form of action. While stains can easily be removed from some leather clothes, it is not the same with cotton clothes.

2.      Recognise the stain:

Like food delivery companies will tell you, cleaning stains is a form of project. You need to be intentional with it. And the first step to go about this is to recognize the stains. Each stain is unique and should be tackled uniquely. Some stains can be dusted off with a wipe while others require the use of cleaning substances such as cold water or detergent. A typical stain is as unique as the clothing material.

3.      Butter knife to the rescue:

Cleaning hard stains might require you to first scrape them off with a butter knife before you proceed on further actions. Food particles need to be removed to the last bit before you apply detergents. This way, cleaning substances can penetrate deeper into stains and do the work they are employed to do. You also need to be mindful of not bleeding the stains further. A white towel is needed for this.

4.      Toothbrushes to the rescue:

One fanciful thing about DIYers is that they know how to improvise. For instance, they know toothbrushes function more than just brushing teeth as they can be used to get out tough stains. Briefly plunge brushes into liquid detergent, then set on insistent stains, and brush lightly to remove. Be mindful of the type of clothing material you use this on.

5.      Avoid the dryers:

Whatever dryers do to you, ensure you avoid them like a plague especially if the stains are on wet clothes. Instead, let the wind do the job for you. Putting stained clothes in the dryer will only let the stains penetrate deeper. It allows for stains to set and so makes it impossible for them to be easily removed.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach for stain removal. You need to combine all approaches carefully. You also need to be mindful of the stains, clothing materials, and the cleaning substances you are using.

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