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Tea Time: How is it good for us

Unlike other beverages, tea is healthy, easy to make and inexpensive.

As matcha is getting more known in the US, let us discuss the health benefits of a tea.
There are over 150 million Americans consuming a variety of teas. So what’s the fuss?

1. Improve your Focus
You are not the only one who would drink chamomile after having a tiring day. Have you tried mixing it together with some green tea?
It was revealed by some studies that green tea will increase your brain function. It improves alertness and calms you down simultaneously.

Rooibos or red tea, is a caffeine free tea and is native to Africa.

This caffeine-free Rooibos or red tea is known to decrease insomnia, stress and headaches. If you wouldn’t like caffeine-rich teas, just reach for the red tea instead.

2. Detoxifies yourself
Detoxing regularly helps.
Chemicals from the products we use to cleanse our body can stay in our system for a long time and ultimately poison us.

As we always eat, detoxing the body from harmful chemicals is a must to keep the body healthy.

Teas that have detoxifying effects are green, black, white, ginger, dandelion and licorice roots.

3. Battling against inflammation
Ginger, garlic, and turmeric:, how do these tea function in our system?

They have anti-inflammatory properties. For a maximum effect, steep in the hot pot of ginger tea, the minced ginger, and turmeric.

You can also use ginger and chamomile if you don’t want the ginger and turmeric.

Advil is not necessary, you will not be needing it.
You can add green tea if you need a caffeine boost.

4. Tea during period
Get your peppermint tea. It soothes the stomach. Green tea helps soothe cramping pain.
Coffee wouldn’t help during cramping, therefore, stash as many teas as possible. Drink tea as often as needed as this will hydrate you.
You may also drink Red raspberry leaf tea.

5. Antioxidants in tea: The big deal
This is very important. That is why scientists and health experts are very much interested in tea.

These chemicals are the reason why berries and other fruits and vegetables are so healthy. It is responsible for all the good things our bodies are capable of.

These also rid our body of deadly diseases such as cancer, stroke, and heart problems, and also liver problems. They reduce the risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. And a lot more to mention.

So wait no longer!

Save yourself from buying expensive lattes, be a tea drinker instead. There are many varieties of tea found in your local Japanese tea shop to match every life’s scenarios.

So which tea fits your life scenario now? So which tea is your favorite now?